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The Human Computer

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Losing The Plot

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Losing the plot in Antarctica

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In 1997, Mark Jeffery sets sail for Rothera, a remote Antarctic base, to work as a meteorologist for the British Antarctic Survey. The atmosphere among his colleagues is tense, sometimes even hostile, and the base leadership can be rather authoritarian.

In the ice-cold winter of 1999, Mark Jeffery goes with colleague Lesley Thomson for what should have been a weekend to Lagoon Island, five kilometers from Rothera across Ryder Bay. Soon after their arrival, the sea freezes over, preventing Mark and Lesley's return to Rothera. For three weeks they remain in their hut, cut off from everybody and everything. With the fuel running low and the batteries for radio contact almost spent, the pair begin to suffer hypothermia, frostbite and, through a faulty kerosine stove, carbon monoxide poisoning.

No help comes from Rothera. The longer Mark and Lesley remain on Lagoon Island, the more they fear for their lives, so they decide to walk, against British Antarctic Survey rules, across the sea ice to base. Has the base leadership lost all grip on the reality and become obsessed with the rules and regulations? Or are Mark and Lesley so exhausted and paralysed with fear that they can no longer think straight…

Losing the Plot is currently only available in Dutch

Out Of Your Mind

Easter Island statue representing Out Of Your Mind by Mark Jeffery

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Mark Jeffery
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